Molyneux isn’t retiring but still needs Kickstarter money

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Molyneux isn’t retiring but still needs Kickstarter money

Peter Molyneux previously hinted that he was planning to make one more game, saying that his next major title would be his last. However he’s now clarified that he has no plans to ever retire, as well as explaining why exactly he took to Kickstarter with his latest concept, Godus.

“I wasn’t in any way announcing my retirement or saying I’m going to throw myself off the nearest bridge after my next game,” Molyneux said while speaking with GamesIndustry. “I’m either going to stop making games when everyone in the world just hates the games I make or the day when I die. I feel more passionate, more engaged, more energetic about making games now than I ever have. The thought of retirement is abhorrent to me. I would have to be in some vegetative state to consider retirement.”

godus2 Molyneux isnt retiring but still needs Kickstarter money

Godus is said to be a mashup of styles from previous Molyneux vehicles

He also addressed some of the negativity that has been sent his way since the creation of his Kickstarter campaign for Godus, described as a mashup of Dungeon Keeper, Populous and other titles from his past. Ultimately he said, it was because as well as he’s done with his career, he isn’t made of money. A lot of his personal funds went into founding 22 Cans and building the Curiosity project. While he said if the Kickstarter failed he would attempt to go down a traditional publisher funded route, he wanted to keep the development in-house if possible and do things without outside influence.

Backers are expected to see an alpha build of Project Godus by Christmas.

KitGuru Says: Well now we know why Kickstarter is being used, but does that make you guys any more likely to back it? With 1/3 of its pledge time complete and just over 50 per cent of its funding still to go, it could be a close call as to whether Godus receives full funding.

If you want to contribute to Godus, click here.

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