League of Legends champion prices to drop

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League of Legends champion prices to drop

Riot Games has announced that from now on, the pricing structure of champions on League of Legends, will change, making certain characters cheaper and the schedule for new releases will be scaled back a bit to allow for more polish of new releases.

“We’ve been talking to players about how they feel about pricing for a while now – we’ve talked with you on the forums, ran surveys, met with some of you in person, and listened to your feedback,” begins Riot’s statement. As a result of these discussions, Riot said that it plans to generally lower champion prices and give people more time in-between releases to build up more IP.

As it stands, many older champions are still at the maximum of 6300 IP. However, effective immediately the oldest seven, Ezreal, Renekton, Vladimir, Nocturne, Lee Sin, Brand and Vayne, will all see their prices dropped to 4800 IP / 880 RP. Each time a new champion is released from now on as well, the oldest 6300 IP one will also drop to 4800. Every third new champ will see a 4800 IP character drop into the still cheaper categories.

league League of Legends champion prices to drop

This table breaks down the main changes

To counter this overall cheaper champion purchase, Riot has implemented a higher cost for champions in their first week on sale, bumping them up to 7800 IP.

Riot also announced that anyone that bought the price reduced champions in the past two weeks, would receive a refund, though it might take a while for that refund to come through. A “few days” was the likely ETA.

KitGuru Says: This is nice to see and makes sense for a game that’s maturing. Going into its third season, League of Legends has become the most popular game in the world, so more polish is a smart plan when extra content isn’t as necessary as it once was. Players are playing, a lot, they don’t need a new champion every two weeks.

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