GoG finally adding System Shock 2

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GoG finally adding System Shock 2

After years of waiting, fans of System Shock 2 can finally get hold of a Windows 7 compatible, DRM free copy of the game as of tomorrow, thanks to some legal wrangling by Night Dive Studios and an ever persistent GoG community of wishlisters.

System Shock 2, hailed by many as perhaps the scariest game of all time and others as one of the most well written, has been requested on Good old Games since the site was created. Unfortunately because the rights and trademark have been shared between multiple companies over the years and none of them wanted to cooperate, getting it online and playable was a difficult task. However, over the past year – yes negotiations took that long – Night Dive, a seemingly newly formed studio that claims to specialise in this sort of thing, has managed to secure the rights and handed them over to GoG to work their magic.

gog GoG finally adding System Shock 2

Not long to go.

Visiting GoG right now and searching for System Shock 2 doesn’t bring up the game itself, only a countdown to the game’s release, which currently sits at  18 and a bit hours.

There are also plans to make SS2 available on Steam in the coming few months.

KitGuru Says: I must admit guys, I never actually played this one. Shameful I know, but I only heard about it in recent years and getting it working was too much of a faff. However I will pledge to give it a go in the coming few days and I’m sure you’ll start seeing 14 year old references in my next few news pieces. That’s how cool I am.

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