Fancy some Age of Empires 2? New expansion released

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Fancy some Age of Empires 2? New expansion released

It might not be official, but a new expansion has been released for Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings, adding a lot of new features, balance changes, units and factions, buildings and loads of new technologies to play with.

Known as Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires, one of the biggest changes this expansion brings is increased resolution support. While the original game was limited to a maximum of 1280×1024, AoEFE allows anything up to 1920×1440, meaning you’ll be able to get a lot more units on the screen at once. And that’s a good thing too, since the population cap has been increased by 50, allowing for a total of 250.

You’ll be able to max that count out with five new civilisations, including the Italians, Incas, Slavs and Magyars, of which two – Italians and Slavs – have whole new building sets. However they all get access to new buildings and units, including siege towers, camels, elephant archers and fire towers, palisade gates and trade workshops.

forgotten Fancy some Age of Empires 2? New expansion released

Forgotten or not, those elephant archers look awesome

You can experience much of this content through the two newly created campaigns, based around Alaric I, king of the Visigoths and Franceso Sforza, a mercenary leader that founded the Sforza dynasty in Italy.

If you’re worried you’ll have trouble playing any of this because your’e using a contemporary OS, don’t worry as many of the bugs found in the original game have been fixed, making this expansion much more playable on Windows 7.

The full changelog is available on the game’s reddit and on the official website. You can download it for free, here.

KitGuru Says: I used to play Age of Empires II all the time back in the day. This was before we had decent broadband so me and my brothers would serial cable our PCs together and have head to heads. It was epic.

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