Black Eye Games spills the beans on Gloria Victis

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Black Eye Games spills the beans on Gloria Victis

Kickstarter has produced a lot of cool looking games in-development that gamers can support. One of the ones that caught our eye recently was Gloria Victis, a Mount and Blade combat inspired MMO in a low fantasy setting. To get a better feel for the game, we sat down with Bartłomiej Galas of Black Eye Games and asked him a few of the questions that were on our minds.

KG: For those that don’t know, can you outline in a couple of sentences what Gloria Victis is and your overall plan for the game?

BG: Gloria Victis is an MMORPG inspired by some of our favourite games, like Gothic and Baldur’s gate. It’s a medieval world, where magic is elite and mysterious, with a general low fantasy setting. Melee, ranged and mounted combat use virtual replicas and have a target free system, similar to Mount and Blade. There will also be options for players to level up just through crafting and there will be ten different professions, each taking into consideration the actions performed by those craftsmen in the real world.

Mobs will also have logical drops.  A boar will only have one head and won’t be wearing iron boots.

KG: What made you choose a target-less combat system?

BG: We believe that a non-target system is the best option for a combat fought with cold steel. It is the most dynamic one and it enables ultimate immersion. As we all know, aiming during shooting with a bow is an awesome thing, isn’t it? 

KG: Your kickstarter describes the combat as similar to Mount and Blade. Could you highlight where it’s similar and where it differs?

BG: As I mentioned earlier, we incorporate a non-target system. Next, there are three basic blows available in our game – from the left, from the center and, surprise surprise, from the right. Those basic blows can be used to produce a special combo action, so we are speaking here of a specific mix of the Mount and Blade and the Age of Conan combat systems.

Furthermore,  a player can block incoming attacks using his weapon as well as his shield. The amount of damage shaved off by these actions depends on the skill level and the weapon used. We are aware how Mount and Blade-style combat is popular among our target players, however it doesn’t work perfectly in a MMORPG. For example, in Mount & Blade the shields used to break after a few hits received.

gloriavictis Black Eye Games spills the beans on Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis has some nice visuals for a small team development

KG: Crafting in the game seems very in-depth compared to a lot of other MMOs. It sounds like you’re trying to get it away from simple time investment and that there will be some player skill involved too. How do you plan to prevent those tasks from being tedious and repetitive – as they often are in other games.

BG: In our game the equipment will be available to acquire only from certain enemies. We believe that there are numerous common-sense issues in modern games, E.G. boars carrying heavy armour, which drops ready to be collected after they are slain. In Gloria Victis the players will be the most important source of items, crafting them and offering them to other players. The very crafting process will be historically accurate and often enriched by mini-games. For example – to make a beer, the player will have to visit the malt-house and perform the following:

  • Soak seeds in the tubs
  • Fish the grain out and spread it on the threshing floor to make it sprout; player can speed up this process by putting heated stones between the seeds.
  • Next by shuffling and raking player will separate the sprouts from seeds and put malt up for drying. The drying itself will go much faster if we invest in a drying room.
  • Dried malt has to be then transported to the crushing mill, where it will be bruised.

In the brewery the malt will be soaked in water and left for a period of time for the valuable components to penetrate deeply. We can speed up this process by equipping our brewery with a furnace that will heat up the tubs. This process is called mashing.

Then we pour everything to be filtered in grain bed itself in a process called lautering. On the canvas working as a filter appears malt that can be used to create a low quality beer such as home brew. Now we have a high quality wort (they differ depending on the grain used) and a low quality wort. We can pour both worts into fermentation tubs and get a low quality beer or add quality hop to the better wort along other ingredients to try and create a true masterpiece.

We cannot forget about buying or acquiring residue from a previously made beer. It contains yeast that will allow the fermentation to begin. After the process is over, we can fill the barrels with beer and sell it to other players, inns or drink it ourselves to gain temporary attribute bonuses.

KG: Your introduction video called the game, low fantasy, yet there appears to be an ogre fighting a man in one screenshot. Is this as fantastical as the world gets? Or can we expect a few other monstrous creatures?

BG: Most of the enemies are humanoids, our “ogre” is in fact a wild giant. We decided however to spice up things by adding legendary monsters from different legends and myths. I must admit that the Slavic mythology is my favourite.

gloriavictis2 Black Eye Games spills the beans on Gloria Victis

There will be some fantasy enemies to fight, but most will be humanoid

KG: Non-linear questing sounds very interesting, especially with conversation options. How will this play out with the game’s plot? Will it be only on an individual level or on a game world level?

BG: We are very excited with our quest system. I’d say it is our most important selling point, which will attract cRPG fans to the dark side of online games. Each and every quest of ours can be finished in a few ways and the way of finishing it often changes your reputation in the area and with certain NPC, a thing not seen in MMORPGs but common in cRPGs. There will be 3 basic types of quests in our game: classic quests – taking a quest from an NPC and completing it along with thousands other players. The second type of quests are instanced quests which move the player’s character to his (or his group’s) very own copy of a map. Absolutely everything can happen there. The third type, quite popular these days, is a dynamic quests system. It can be described as random encounters happening in the world – floods, fires, attacks of bandits or wars waged by NPCs. Some quests will enable player characters to gain rare abilities, like magic traits (not fireballs anyway).

KG: Will sieges involve the use of siege weaponry?

BG: Of course, as a player can shoot with a bow it would be a sin not to introduce catapults! We are seriously thinking about destructible buildings as well, however such features depends solely on our budget.

KG: Since this will be a F2P game, how do you plan to avoid pay to win scenarios, while keeping the game well funded?

BG: Our game gives players much freedom during character creation and its further development. Gamers like to try out different character builds and we’ll be offering  them the change to do so – for real money. Another paid option will be an individual in-game home. It is quite possible that we allow players to earn virtual currency in-game, which will enable them to buy all virtual goods.

We believe these options are better then “Pay2Win” models, which sooner or later kills the MMORPG spirit.

KG: Thanks to Bartłomiej and the rest of the guys at Black Eye Games for answering our questions. Good luck to them on the development of the game.

If you’d like to contribute to the Gloria Victis Kickstarter, head here. For more information on the game, check out the official site.

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