An Indiegogo to save Homeworld

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An Indiegogo to save Homeworld

While we might now know that Relic Games has been bought up by Sega, it seems that THQ – what’s left of it – could still be maintaining the rights to the Homeworld franchise that is beloved by so many strategy gamers. Now though, an indie media firm is trying to get fans to band together so that they can buy up the license.

The Indiegogo page features footage from the first two games and Homeworld Cataclysm, with an impassioned plea from the head of teamPixel, a production company that wants to buy up the Homeworld license in order to not only bring the original Homeworld games to Steam and/or GoG, but to help create a new version of the game.

There’s also plans for a mobile/touch version of Homeworld, through “Homeworld: Classic.”

teamPixel, has said that it is currently courting private funding as well as pushing for crowd funding. Initially they’re looking for $50,000 (£32,000) to get started, with further stretch goals. If they reach $100,000 (having bought the license), they’ll make Homeworld free on Steam and GoG. At $250,000, Homeworld classic will be free for all – for one month only. There’s also bigger goals at $500,000 and $750,000.

The company also said that if it doesn’t manage to secure the Homeworld license at an auction later this month, it will refund all money to contributors.

KitGuru Says: Cool plan, though it seems a bit of an odd move for a media company specialising in web design and development to jump into game design. Gotta start somewhere I suppose, right?

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