New Tour Golf Online to feature CryEngine 3

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New Tour Golf Online to feature CryEngine 3

For those avid computer golfers out there, like myself, this is an interesting little tidbit. Primarily designed for high rendering FPS type games, the CryEngine 3  makes it onto the tee. This should offer golfers some intriguing terrains and better dynamics for the game itself.

TourGolfOnline 7 New Tour Golf Online to feature CryEngine 3

Game publisher Gamescampus has teamed up with leading developer and online provider OnNet Co. Ltd. We have been informed this is the first official liscening of Crytek’s CryEngine 3 for development purposes. Taking realism of the game to a new level, the company has even commented on using this as a trainer for professional golfers. Available for the Window’s PC platform initially, we have no formal word on future console expansions.  Set for release in 2012, we will keep our readers up to date on new details as we receive them. Let’s leave you with a few words from Kevin Kim, CEO of GamesCampus:

“It was important to utilize the amazing CryENGINE3 technology in the development of Tour Golf Online because our goal with the game was to take the online golf experience to a whole new level with superior graphics and gameplay that offer the player a feeling of almost physically being right there on the green. Our talented development team has done an amazing job building training areas that have been painstakingly recreated from the real-world courses where the pros practice during tournaments, along with life-like climates and weather, state of the art gear and more, we are proud to add this amazing title to the GamesCampus portal.”

Kitguru says: Fore !!

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  • TC
    September 7, 2011
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    “Game publisher Gamescampus has teamed up with leading developer and online provider OnNet Co. Ltd”
    Really? Top developers. Are you joking? I’ve played several of their so called Games and they all have one thing common. Bugs, bugs, bugs. The developers haven’t a clue how to develop anything.
    Shotonline for instance; every 2 weeks (tuesday) they have a maintenance update. And so far after 5/6 years the game with every maintenance, they are always without fail been cock ups. And then they say it is the end user who is at fault. But then, I’ve seen this with their other games.

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