X2 Football 2009 – Ready to be Launched

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X2 Football 2009 – Ready to be Launched

X2 Games, side-label of world-leading mobile developer Exient, has just announced that its fresh debut title, X2 Football 2009, is now available for download on the Apple App Store, for £3.99 UKP, $6.00 USD and €5.49 Euro. X2 Games is this way starting to make its way into the handheld industry. The target is to make a comprehensive range of formats to create defining and experimental games for digital distribution platforms, such as their very first result: X2 Football 2009, the definitive iPhone and iPod Touch football game.

X2 Football 2009 combines cutting-edge visuals with a simple and advanced control system, that will let players compete in ten different tournaments with their own national football teams. The game features more than 490 motion-captured animations, that will bring the in-game footballers to life, also thanking the natural detail level, the enhanced gameplay and an adaptive camera, to make you stay focused on the action at all times.

The advanced control method comes from years of experience in the handheld gaming market. To give players an even greater freedom in movement and positioning, the visual includes an on-screen virtual analogue stick, maybe the best ever seen in any previous iPhone football title; furthermore, you’ll be able to use three weighted action buttons, to make you carefully measure your shot power, and a wide palette of available ball commands.

The game features also a full spoken commentary on all the action, voiced by a professional football commentator. With a suite of gameplay modes, from training to single match, to entire tournaments, X2 Football 2009 marks the arrival of home console football for the iPhone gaming platform.

La ciliegina sulla torta, inoltre, riguarda il comparto sonoro: le partite avranno un commento vocale che è stato registrato da un commentatore professionista. Con questi requisiti, X2 Football 2009 si avvia sulla strada rivoluzionaria che porta tutte le features di un classico gioco da home console su un dispositivo mobile come l’iPhone.

Phil Bradley, production manager of X2 Games, has commented: “As a team, we’ve been working on handheld sports titles for over a decade and we have utilised all of that experience to create X2 Football 2009.” He continues: “from our motion captured players to the professional football commentary, we’ve worked hard to bring a true home console football game to the iPhone and iPod touch. On top of this is a new control method been developed with the experience gained from football game iterations across just about every handheld platform you could name. With all these features in combination, we’re confident in saying that X2 Football 2009 is the definitive football title on its platform and as such, the best kick-off for X2 Games we could have created.”

For further information, please visit www.x2games.net.

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