Star Defense – Now Available for iPhone

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Star Defense – Now Available for iPhone

ngmoco, creator and publisher of iPhone and iPod touch games solely, has officialy announced the launch of its new product, Star Defense ( on the Apple Store. The game was developed in collaboration with Rough Cookie, and will revolutionize the classic strategy genre with incredible, with dynamic 3D environments, the famous iPhone Multi-Touch user interface and its innovative gameplay.

“ngmoco is thrilled to add Star Defense to our expanding catalog of premium iPhone and iPod touch games,” said Neil Young, CEO and founder of ngmoco. “By combining immersive strategic gameplay and fast-paced action into 3D environments that players can fully manipulate, Star Defense is set to evolve the tower defense genre.”

In Star Defense, the player will have to fight against hordes of alien S’rath invading Earth, and save the whole mankind. Players will be able to twist, spin and zoom-in on breathtaking 3D planets and look closer at the terrain to plan their defenses, all by using the iPhone famous and immediate touch interface.

The player is armed with a powerful arsenal of five classes of towers, with 15 different weapons, to make him strategically place turrets, unleashing all kind of fire power, from burning hot plasma to high-voltage decimation. To make everything harder with time, the enemies will regularly fortify their troops with new unit types, new formations and new armor. Your and mankind’s survival will solely depend on your ability to respond to their maneuvers in real time.

The title will feature seven unique planets, two different game modes, more than 50 Medals and Commendations to be earned on the field, and three different difficulty settings available at launch. Star Defense offers an unlimited playability for newcomers and war-hardened veterans alike.

Star Defense is available for $5.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at ngmoco will provide regular updates to the game with expansion packs, bringing new weapons, planets, invaders and new modes of gameplay to the Star Defense universe.

Ngmoco is a company based in California and is not new to prizes and awards: some of their hits are Rolando (, Word Fu (, DropShip (, Drawesome ( and the action game MazeFinger (

For further information about ngmoco, its products and projects, please visit the official website at

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