Guerrilla Bob – Now on Apple AppStore

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Guerrilla Bob – Now on Apple AppStore

Chillingo has just announced that its eagerly-awaited top-down shooter game, Guerrilla Bob, has released to Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPod touch. The game, developed by Angry Mob Games and priced $2.99, is a comedic shooter offering stunning visuals, an arsenal of kick-ass weaponry, unique enemies, explosive ammunition and non-stop humor. Guerrilla Bob also features competitive scoring, leaderboards and achievements via the new Crystal social gaming platform.

Guerrilla Bob’s storyline features a very special guest star: John Gore, from Chillingo and Mountain Sheep’s hit shooter game, Minigore. The storyline for this new Guerrilla Bob game begins with Bob and John as childhood best buddies. As they grow up, the two go their separate ways. Bob decides to join the army, while John takes up a life of crime. Jealous of Bob’s success, John frames his childhood pal and Bob is kicked out of the army. With nothing left to lose, Guerrilla Bob is out to exact revenge on John, the man that destroyed his life.

Guerrilla Bob and his weaponry are controlled by players simply via two virtual control sticks. Bob must adventure through dangerous canyons, steep deserts and eerie towns while he is regularly attacked by lawless enemies. Through intelligent exploration, players can discover new weaponry, power-ups and super abilities which come in useful during some epic boss encounters.

Guerrilla Bob also enables players to experience the new social gaming platform, Crystal. For the first time, Crystal allows Guerrilla Bob gamers to see how they compare to the competitors around the world and locally via a comprehensive scoring system, online leaderboards and achievements.

“We gave Guerrilla Bob a lot of personality, and we really hope he’ll become an icon among the iPhone and iPod touch gaming community,” said Bogdan Iliesiu, Angry Mob Games’ CEO. “The high-quality visuals, varied level design and abundant humor mean that players will get a lot of enjoyment from the game! We’re really happy that our title has been named as an IGF Mobile Finalist, the largest competition of its kind.”

“Guerrilla Bob is a truly outstanding game,” said Chillingo Head of Publishing, Johnny Coghlan. “Unparalleled shoot-‘em-up gameplay combined with plenty of amusing characters and bosses provide something truly unique to iPod and iPhone touch. The addition of Crystal’s social networking feature set also allows players to compare and interact with other gamers around the world.”

Here you are a trailer video:

Guerrilla Bob is available now for iPhone and iPod touch from the iTunes App Store, priced $2.99 USD. Game trailers and further information can be seen at More information about the Crystal social gaming platform can be found at

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