Wii U upscales Wii games to HD quality

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Wii U upscales Wii games to HD quality

With the Wii U now available in the US, reports of various functions of the console are coming in. However one of the most interesting, one that wasn’t declared by Nintendo, is that original Wii games appear to be upscaled by the console.

While it’s not the same as the game being natively produced and outputting at 1080p, users are reporting that original Wii titles that are upscaled to 1080p look significantly better. According to CVG, sharp edges have been smoothed out with anti-aliasing, motion blur has been added, colours have been popped a bit more and you’ll see crisper images throughout.

While Nintendo said in the past that Wii games would play exactly the same on the Wii U. Apparently that isn’t the case.

That guy seems convinced, but screenshots tell another story. The image on the left below is the original Wii version, while the one on the right is upscaled Wii U screen grab. There isn’t a lot of difference there.

wiiupscale 1024x287 Wii U upscales Wii games to HD quality

One looks a little brighter, but other than that...

KitGuru Says: It’s hard to tell. Looks like we’ll have to wait until the Wii U is released here on the 30th to find out for sure.

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