Wii U pre-ordered more than original Wii

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Wii U pre-ordered more than original Wii

With its release less than a week away in the US and just over two weeks away in the EU, the Wii U has managed to eclipse its predecessor in pre-orders.

WiiUDaily has confirmation that the next-gen console has had over 400,000 units allocated to the US for launch day, with GameStop alone has had gamers reserve over a quarter million of them. In the UK, pre-orders at GameStop and GAME have been huge. While no specific numbers have been given, major retailers are struggling to secure enough stock to fulfil all orders, suggesting that the pre-order rate has been unprecedented.

wiiupreorder Wii U pre ordered more than original Wii

I might have pre-ordered one if Monster Hunter Ultimate was ready for launch

While the reservations for the Wii U have been impressive across all retailers, in some instances it’s being reported that compared to the Wii, the pre-order ratio is 3:1 in the Wii U’s favour. For other’s it’s between 50 and 100 per cent more.

This is an impressive figure, considering the popularity of the original Wii, which sold out very quickly after launch and remained a difficult to find item for several months. However the reason for this new interest in the Wii U is likely for several reasons. 1: The Wii U represents the HD graphical gameplay Nintendo fans have wanted for some time. For a lot of them, it’s more of an upgrade than a new console purchase. 2: The pricing is pretty low, considering you receive a tablet controller with even the low end options. 3: The Wii is now a big name that the Wii U can capitalise on. People understand the benefits of motion controllers and are excited by the new Gamepad.

KitGuru Says: Some of you must have one of these pre-ordered at this point. Let us know if you have and where yours is reserved.

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