Wii U doesn’t upscale PAL Wii games

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Wii U doesn’t upscale PAL Wii games

While we’ve heard reports that NTSC Wii games have been receiving the Wii U upscale treatment when played on Nintendo’s new console, it turns out that PAL versions of those games don’t have that option at all.

NTSC users have been reporting that with their older Wii games, they’ve had the choice to play it at a traditional 480p, or upscale it to 1080p. However, Eurogamer has it that there is no such option if you’re playing a PAL title.

The Digital Foundry report reads: “The results are intriguing. On a PAL unit, where 480p and PAL60 were supported in the original games, Wii U automatically opts for this set-up on HDMI – whether the user wants it or not.”

Not only does this mean there’s no upscaling option, but it means that titles that might look better at the higher res 576i, are unable to be set to that format. 480p 60hz is the locked size and rate and there’s nothing that can currently be done about it.

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“What is clear is that the choices users had on their older hardware have been taken away from them on Wii U when there’s absolutely no reason that the software couldn’t have been designed to keep everyone happy.”

Which is curious, considering backwards compatibility with the Wii I was a big selling point. Add in the fact that there’s no way to plug in your GameCube controller for some Smash Bros. action and the disappointments keep mounting up.

KitGuru Says: Have any of you early buyers been disappointed by the lack of Wii options? I guess my Monster Hunter Tri is never going to look as pretty as the upcoming Ultimate. Suppose I’ll just have to wait.

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