Super Hexagon frustrates over 10,000

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Super Hexagon frustrates over 10,000

Despite the average game lasting under 20 seconds, Terry Cavanagh, the developer of VVVVVV and now Super Hexagon, has managed to sell over 10,000 copies of his latest title; the first one he’s designed with the mobile platform in mind.

This announcement was made as part of a Reddit AMA, where Cavanagh was asked how Super Hexagon had been performing on the iPhone. He answered that in three days, 10,000 copies had been shifted, putting it in the top 25 of the iPhone charts. He followed this up by saying that he was now working on ports of the game for PC, Mac and Android.

Super Hexagon is a sequel to the original flash based, 48 hour development, Hexagon. Both titles feature fast paced gameplay, a retro gaming soundtrack and difficult to track visuals. However the new version features new game modes for added difficulty, hi-score tables and reworked gameplay.

superhexagon Super Hexagon frustrates over 10,000

Super Hexagon: Making you punch your phone since September 2012

KitGuru Says: Considering how difficult the original Hexagon was, good luck getting far in Super Hexagon without plenty of practice. Cavanagh recently posted new hi-scores on all modes, presenting a new level of challenge to those that like to prove gamers will always be better than developers at what they create.

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