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  • Turn based Space Hulk coming to PCs

    0 CommentsPosted by Jon Martindale on December 11, 2012 under Featured, Mac OSX, Mobile, PC Gaming
    Turn based gamers rejoice, board gamers strike your banners and Games Workshop fans get ready, because next year sees an official digital version of Space Hulk return to PC, bringing with it Mac and iOS versions too. Using the campaign "Sin of Damnation," from the third edition of the table top game, Space Hulk will have a 12 mission single player/Co-Op campaign, as well as competitive multipla... more.
  • PopCap Dublin shuts its doors for good

    0 CommentsPosted by Jon Martindale on September 24, 2012 under Featured, Mobile, PC News
    EA Games has closed the PopCap Dublin studios, just over a year and a quarter since it bought out the casual game developer and a month since 50 other employees were fired from the US branch. Apparently most of the 96 people affected by the closure will be offered places at other PopCap or EA studios, but of course that would mean up and moving to a different location. However there are quite a... more.
  • Super Hexagon frustrates over 10,000

    0 CommentsPosted by Jon Martindale on September 10, 2012 under Featured, Mobile
    Despite the average game lasting under 20 seconds, Terry Cavanagh, the developer of VVVVVV and now Super Hexagon, has managed to sell over 10,000 copies of his latest title; the first one he's designed with the mobile platform in mind. This announcement was made as part of a Reddit AMA, where Cavanagh was asked how Super Hexagon had been performing on the iPhone. He answered that in three days,... more.
  • Farmville 2 hopes to bring you home to roost

    0 CommentsPosted by Jon Martindale on September 6, 2012 under Featured, Mobile, PC Gaming
    Zynga launched the second title in its Farmville franchise yesterday, with hopes that 'gamers' that once played the original, would find themselves drawn back to the virtual farm once again by the new features and graphical improvements. Interestingly, Zynga is adamant that this isn't designed as a replacement for the original, suggesting that this game has a somewhat different feel. It's certa... more.
  • Peter Molyneux debuts new Curiosity game concept

    0 CommentsPosted by Jon Martindale on August 23, 2012 under Featured, Mobile
    Peter Molyneux recently left the company he founded, Lionhead Studios, to create a new one called 22 Cans. There he's been developing a game and a concept, the latter of which the world had its first view of during the Unite 2012 conference. In what seemed like some sort of two punch combo, Molyneux said that while the game named Curiosity would be coming out this September, the big game 22 Can... more.
  • Warhammer goes mobile

    0 CommentsPosted by Jon Martindale on August 21, 2012 under Featured, Mobile, iPad, iPhone
    A short teaser trailer for a new iOS game based in the Warhammer universe has been released, making this the first time Games Workshop (GW) has allowed its IP be used for a mobile title. Warhammer Quest, presumably named after the dungeon crawling, RPG board game by the same name (it certainly features the same logo), is set to be officially unveiled at the GW Games Day on 23rd September. Accor... more.
  • Social gaming in the Walking Dead universe

    0 CommentsPosted by Jon Martindale on August 10, 2012 under Featured, Mobile, PC Gaming
    The Walking Dead universe has now entered the world of social gaming, with a new Facebook application that sees players create a character to experience the zombie apocalypse with. The game begins with a short cinematic of Rick fighting off the undead around the tank, suggesting that this game will follow the TV show storyline as opposed to the one from the comics. The first impression you get ... more.
  • Amazon announces new studio and Facebook game

    0 CommentsPosted by Jon Martindale on August 7, 2012 under Featured, Mobile, PC Gaming
    Amazon has announced the first game from its internal game development studio, Amazon Game Studios, and it's called Living Classics - something that sounds more like a collection of retro games than a brand spanking new title. Designed to be played on Facebook, the free to play title is built with social features in mind. It's a hidden object game where players work to find items hidden in stor... more.
  • John Carmack reveals id Software mobile projects canned

    0 CommentsPosted by Jon Martindale on August 3, 2012 under Featured, Mobile, PC Gaming
    Several announcements have been made at this year's Quakecon, but only one has made John Carmack sad: the canning of every id Software mobile project in favour of shifting those development teams over to Doom 4. Carmack said that it was a real shame, since he particularly likes working on mobile games, "taking that time, spending a month, a year or something working on a mobile project," Carmac... more.
  • Wikipad gaming tablet detailed

    2 CommentsPosted by Jon Martindale on July 31, 2012 under Android, Featured
    In what looks like more of an assault on the handheld gaming industry rather than the tablet marketplace, Wikipad has been talking about its self titled first product, the Wikipad gaming tablet, giving up the goods on its internal and external features. Th1 10.1 inch tablet weighs in at just 560 grams and is less than 9mm thick, with a display resolution of 1,280 x 800. On the inside, it'll be ... more.
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