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  • Turn based Space Hulk coming to PCs

    0 CommentsPosted by Jon Martindale on December 11, 2012 under Featured, Mac OSX, Mobile, PC Gaming
    Turn based gamers rejoice, board gamers strike your banners and Games Workshop fans get ready, because next year sees an official digital version of Space Hulk return to PC, bringing with it Mac and iOS versions too. Using the campaign "Sin of Damnation," from the third edition of the table top game, Space Hulk will have a 12 mission single player/Co-Op campaign, as well as competitive multipla... more.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Mac Os

    0 CommentsPosted by Max Smolaks on September 12, 2011 under Mac OSX, PC Gaming, PC News
    That's right, the chart-topping, bionically augmented game of the year contender is coming to an Apple computer near you. The release date is unknown, but it's definitely coming out this winter. Feral interactive will be responsible for the port. So far the company has given Mac owners a chance to play BioShock, Borderlands, Rome: Total War, LEGO Star Wars and Tomb Raider: Anniversary. The pric... more.
  • Airport Mania 2 landing on iPad and Android soon

    0 CommentsPosted by Dave Mack on July 13, 2011 under Android, Featured, Mac OSX, Mobile, PC Gaming, PC News, iPad, iPhone
    For those of us with a portable device, sometimes we prefer the lighthearted approach. Airport Mania was a number one App store game in 2009, and the sequel Airport Mania 2: Wild Rides is already available for Mac OS X, iPhone and Windows. Versions for the Apple iPad and Android Operating system will soon be available. Airport Mania 2 is a fast paced and challenging game, taking you for a j... more.
  • The Sims 3 Hangover trailer

    0 CommentsPosted by Dave Mack on May 31, 2011 under Android, DS, DS News, Featured, Mac OSX, Mobile, PC Gaming, PC News, PS3 News, Playstation 3, Wii, Wii News, X360 News, Xbox 360
    Well Kitguru has been informed the wolfpack is back, so hide your liquor and malted beverages! Set as a parody for the  Nintendo 3DS version released earlier this year, we thought our readers might like to take a peek at this. This series has done exceptionally well on a number of platforms including the PS3 and Wii. The only difference with the 3DS obviously, is the 3D aspect. The Sims s... more.
  • Portal 2 DLC coming this summer free of charge

    0 CommentsPosted by Dave Mack on April 30, 2011 under Featured, Mac OSX, PC Gaming, PC News, PS3 News, Playstation 3, X360 News, Xbox 360
    For those familiar with Valve, it is not uncommon for them to do something like this. The game itself is pulling great numbers, with almost three quarters of a million copies being sold on release day. Unlike some other DLC's from Valve however, it will be available for all 3 platforms. These include PC/Mac, XBox 360, and the PS3. This DLC will include new test chambers with accompanying leade... more.
  • Portal 2 PC patch released

    0 CommentsPosted by Dave Mack on April 22, 2011 under Featured, Mac OSX, PC Gaming, PC News
    Portal 2 has been released and has generated a number of positive reviews. Make sure to check out the review on Kitguru by our own Terry Franklin over HERE. This patch contains updates and bug fixes for the PC and Mac versions of the game. Here is a list of the items the patch pertains too: Minor string/interface glitches Fixes for multiple crashes Improved detection and handling for vario... more.
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction, AC II Coming to Mac

    0 CommentsPosted by admin on July 22, 2010 under Mac OSX, PC News, PS3 News, X360 News
    Looks like Valve's effort to bring Apple Macs into the gaming word is beginiong to pay off. Ubisoft have listed Assassins Creed II and Splinter Cell: Conviction for Mac in their fiscal report for the second quarter. The listing suggests the games are coming to Mac in late 2010. Other titles like Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands had "soft" performance according to Ubisoft. Strangely enough ... more.
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Disturbing Details Revealed

    0 CommentsPosted by Francesco on June 23, 2010 under Featured, Mac OSX, PC Gaming, PC News
    My hands tremble as I write this and my mind is left weakened by the things I have witnessed. The contents of this message might be too terrible and unspeakable to believe, but I assure you that it is all very real. For the sake of us all, I urge you, dear Reader, to keep an open mind, and very seriously consider the matters which I am about to disclose. You might be familiar with “Amnesia: T... more.
  • Valve to deliver Steam & Source on MAC

    0 CommentsPosted by alek on March 9, 2010 under Featured, Mac OSX
    March 8, 2010 - Valve announced today it will bring Steam, Valve's gaming service, and Source, Valve's gaming engine, to the Mac. Steam and Valve's library of games including Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal, and the Half-Life series will be available in April. "As we transition from entertainment as a product to entertainment as a service, customers and developers nee... more.
  • Warhammer Online: Reenlinstement Campaign begins

    0 CommentsPosted by admin on December 16, 2009 under Mac OSX, PC News
    Mythic Entertainment, an Electronic Arts studio, has sounded a rallying call for past players of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning with their new Call to Arms Reenlistment Campaign. In fact, all past subscribers of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning are invited to return to the game between December 16th – 23rd; if they do so, they will receive special in-game item rewards an... more.
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