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  • MechWarrior: Under Development?

    5 CommentsPosted by on September 6, 2011 under Featured, PC Gaming, PC News, PC Previews, X360 News, Xbox 360
    Do you like giant humanoid robots? Otherwise known as Mechs? I do. Bipedal ones, with lasers and rockets and maybe jetpacks. Everyone liked them in the nineties. There was Bettletech, a great sci-fi universe. There were games like MechWarrior and MechCommander, books and animation series. Right now, the market isn't looking great for giant humanoid robots. Japanese still like them, but the wes... more.
  • Kanye West and Modern Warfare 3?

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 5, 2011 under Featured, PC Gaming, PC News, Playstation 3, PS2 News, Wii, Wii News, X360 News, Xbox 360
    Remember how we recently wrote about Modern Warfare 3 and COD XP? Remember how I said this is a battle for hearts and minds? Well, yesterday, on the second evening of the event, Activision brought out the big guns. Manifested in the presence of Kanye West, an American hip-hop singer and producer with five platinum albums. Unfortunately the best video record of this event looks like this: Al... more.
  • The Real Texas: expect truly great madness

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 4, 2011 under Featured, PC Gaming, PC Previews
    "Truly great madness cannot be achieved without significant intelligence." - Henrik Tikkanen Once in a while you get tired of shooting stuff and saving the world. The beautiful graphics stop pleasing your eye, and an epic soundtrack by a philharmonic orchestra doesn't move you. You need a change of scenery, a fresh challenge. Times like that, you need games like The Real Texas. Developed by ... more.
  • Modern Warfare 3: first multiplayer trailer

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 3, 2011 under Featured, PC Gaming, PC News, PC Previews, PS3 News, Wii News, X360 News
    You might have read our review of the Battlefield 3 multiplayer. I think it's only fair if we cover its main competitor - the heavyweight champion of first person shooters, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In response to quite an aggressive PR campaign by EA, Activision (publisher behind Call of Duty series) has organised a whole two-day event in Los-Angeles. They have called it COD XP, and it is c... more.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic beta testing starts NOW!

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 2, 2011 under Featured, PC Gaming, PC News
    If you haven't signed up for the beta-test, there's still time. We are talking about the most highly anticipated MMORPG ever.  Developed by some of the most talented people in business (BioWare), and based in the universe familiar to several generations, games don't get much bigger than The Old Republic. The story is set 3,500 years before the events in the Star Wars films, and about 300 years... more.
  • Star Trek Online to become free-to-play

    0 CommentsPosted by on September 2, 2011 under Featured, PC Gaming, PC News
    Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages, bla, bla, you know the drill. There's only one MMORPG for the fans of the famous universe - Star Trek Online, developed by Cryptic. But in order to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before, you had to pay £8.49 for the game and £10.79 monthly subscription. That is about ... more.
  • Intel: new graphics drivers will make your games run 40% faster

    6 CommentsPosted by on September 1, 2011 under Featured, PC Gaming, PC News
    Can you name the major gaming graphics card manufacturers? Nvidia - a fantastic company. ATI (now part of AMD) - not my personal favourite, but still kicks ass. Intel? No, I haven't eaten any poisonous mushrooms. Intel has developed a new set of graphics drivers which can possibly put it on the map, where game visuals are concerned. If you own a laptop with a stock Intel GPU, you know how meek ... more.
  • Competitive gaming – Sports for the new generation? (featuring BlinG)

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 31, 2011 under Featured, PC Gaming, PC News
    No need to throw heavy stuff at me. I know that real-life sports is fundamentally different from cyber sports. But anyone who attended Insomnia 43 will agree that there are some similarities. Maybe more than we realise? Being at a major gaming tournament final feels weird. Cheering crowds? Check. Professional commentators - "playcasters"? Check. Broadcasting live to thousands of viewers? Check.... more.
  • Insomnia 43: inside a ClanBox

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 30, 2011 under Featured, PC Gaming
    Among the chaos of the UK's biggest LAN-party, several rooms are sanctuaries of peace and quiet. The eight ClanBoxes can be rented out to any player organization, and provide air conditioning, lockable doors and a more private gaming experience. Up to 32 players can fit into each one, but to get it you will need to pay £10 extra on top of 32 tickets. So what is going on inside such a space? I ... more.
  • Insomnia 43 – How the UK’s biggest LAN event happened

    0 CommentsPosted by on August 30, 2011 under Featured, PC Gaming, PC News, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
    Gamers from all over the UK and across Europe. More than 2500 computers united by a single Local Area Network. Four days of madness. Sponsored by some of the best hardware providers out there. This was Insomnia 43, UK's biggest LAN gaming festival ever. It ran from 26th to 29th August in Telford, and if you are fanatical about games, it was your Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, all in a single ... more.
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